Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking Dead Welcomes the Little Ass-Kicker

As always, there are spoilers contained in this review. 
Please look away if you're not up to date on your episodes!

This week's Walking Dead certainly felt like a season premiere after last week's mind-blowing episode. The biggest shocker was within the first few minutes of the show when the mayor of crazy town brushed his zombie daughter's hair, then accidentally took a chunk out of her skull and bagged her up when she got mad. There's a joke in there about a parent getting to do something like that when their child is misbehaving, but I'm a mother and I'm pretty sure child services already has their eye on me for some of my crazy tweets, so I'll leave it alone...

Showing Maggie and Daryl's trip for formula was pretty pointless. The only danger they faced was a possum that made Daryl all excited for dinner. As a mother, I know that formula they found better have been sealed as that crap is nearly a year old, and you're supposed to throw it after a couple of months. But, as some people pointed out on Twitter, they had months to find formula! Why wait until the last minute? There's the argument that Lori was expected to live, although not all babies nurse the way they're supposed to, so they should have known to have a backup plan. No one in this group seems to have their priorities in check. Yet another instance of Lori failing miserably as a mother - even after her death.

Then there was the whole baby-naming scene in which Carl named off every female friend they've lost. I kind of got a little misty eyed. I just hope the name Lori doesn't stick, because we don't want to see the little ass-kicker growing up to follow in her mother's ill-placed footsteps!

Now let's pause, and take a minute now to admire Daryl holding that baby. Damn. If I were Beth, I'd volunteer to have as many of that man's babies as he wants. Someone has to start repopulating the world other than the Grimes, because we know what a little turd Carl can be.
Okay, back to my mindless ramblings. I've said before that I don't read the comics, but it didn't take a genius to predict that Rick was going to lose it. But seriously, I didn't catch on that he was stabbing the stomach of the walker who consumed Lori until watching Talking Dead later on. Those writers have some seriously warped minds. And the phone ringing? Obviously there is no one left in this apocalyptic world with a working phone, so we know it's the Rickster totally losing his shit. I turned to my husband and said he better lose it like that if something ever happens to me.

Speaking of crazy town, it was sad to see Andrea and Michonne part ways, but we all know Andrea likes her men insane in the membrane (i.e. Shane), and that town just seems to be crawling with them. She acted all disgusted by the zombie fight club, but in the previews for new week they showed her making out with the Gov, so we all know it secretly turned her on. It was really no surprise there.

Michonne is easily my favorite character on the show now and I loved the scene of her taking care of the locked up zombies. You do not want to mess with that woman. I would have followed her bad ass out of there in a heartbeat. Especially after finding the Gov's book of crazy notes. That guy just has all kinds of crazy in him, waiting to bust out.

My least favorite part about the episode? WE STILL HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT HAPPENED TO CAROL! They don't mention finding her body. They don't try go go searching for her. Even the producer on Talking Dead avoided the question by talking about how many graves were dug. Maybe Rick hears Carol on the phone, telling them she caught a flight out of there to Cabo, and she's drinking margaritas on the beach. Seriously, if we don't find out next week I'm going to stop watching (who am I kidding).

So was this a ho-hum episode. Still, there were some aspects to it that I really liked. And I think it's just a gateway for all the insanity that is to come. Bring it, Walking Dead! We're ready!


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