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We’re Maria Monteiro and Jen Naumann—two authors of young adult fiction with a shared passion of movies, music, television, fashion and BOOKS! Although we live in completely different areas of the country and have yet to meet in person, we have a lot in common (we even graduated high school the same year) and sometimes share the same brain waves. It’s almost like we’re twins separated at birth. 

While we try to write about fun and interesting stuff, at times it may just be our random thoughts on something in the world or our personal lives that got us excited. We would like to offer our apologies in advance. Although we try to keep it clean, our subject may not always be suitable for young kids.

Maria was born in Chile, but grew up in Sleepy Hollow New York. Yes Sleepy Hollow, the town that inspired the story by Washington Irving. She now lives in the Catskills with her husband Eddie (of 11 years). She does not have any children this might be due to fact that she teaches preschool. Eight hours with kids might be enough for her. She does have a cat named Mona, who at times thinks she's a dog. No really! She wags her tail and likes to play fetch. Maria loves to go to concerts. If she could go to one every night she would. She is a huge fan of O.A.R. She's seen them live over 7 times and knows every word to every song they sing. She's also loves of The Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Dave Matthews, oh who are we kidding her list is way too long to list. You know when Maria is in your town because you will hear the music blasting out of her car even at 4 in the morning. When she's not teaching she's writing mostly romance contemporary. She loves the moment the boy you like touches your hand for the very first time. And don't even get her started on the first kiss. Maria loves to have fun and hates to be bored. She's always ready to express her opinion about anything and everything. You'll see soon enough. 
Maria's books Hold on Tight and (coming soon) Letting Go are available in print and all digital formats. Visit her website: www.MariaMonteiro.net

 Jen was born and raised in no-man's land Minnesota. She lives on a farm with her husband (of 14 years) Brian, children Sammy and Owen, and mutts Jake and Bellatrix. Yes, that’s right. She named her dog after the crazy witch from Harry Potter. She’s a fan girl like that. She is also obsessed with Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Goonies, concerts, photography and all things zombies (Walking Dead, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead). Jen likes to laugh. A lot. If something she writes on here sounds like it could be sarcastic, it probably is. While she doesn’t have high fashion available to her within a 200 mile radius, she likes to think she dresses smart. Just to be safe, you probably want to ask Maria for advice in that department. Everything else—including relationship advice—is fair game.
Jen's books What I’ve Done, The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life and Shymers are available in print and all digital formats
Visit Jen’s website: www.paranormalya.blogspot.com

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