Thursday, November 15, 2012

Total Fangirl/Nerd Moment

Okay, peeps, I'm hoping that some of you will actually appreciate this little post. If you're a fan of The Boondock Saints or The Walking Dead, I know you will. There was even an episode of Charmed that fans of the show probably remember.

You've probably realized by now I have an obsession (albeit a possibly unhealthy one) with Walking Dead. I even changed my ringtone to the opening theme song. You also need to remember I live in a very small community, virtually in the middle of nowhere. I have only seen a handful of celebrities from a very far off distance, like at concerts and the like. But never had any kind of actual connection with anyone I am a giant fan of. Emma Stone has never high-fived me, Woody Harrelson has never given me a special wink and Dave Grohl has never swept me into his arms and told me we were meant to be together. Sometimes, I really don't feel the love.
Norman Reedus - the man, the one who exploded a couple million ovaries this last week when he held Lori's baby on Walking Dead and who plays a redneck that rides around sleeveless on a motorcycle - followed me on Twitter. I know, I know, he follows thousands of people, but still. What is it about the man that has so many fan girls (i.e. Dixon Vixens) freaking out (including myself)? His sexy voice? His smoldering eyes? The shit-eating grin?

Norman is definitely on my top 10 of people I hope to one day meet. I had to take a screen shot, just in case he realizes I'm boring and have nothing interesting to say:
Okay, I'll discontinue the incessant ranting now and let you return to your normal lives. But I just had to share what probably has been the most exciting moment in my life (maybe after my wedding, and giving birth to my children, yada yada).

I'm off to re-watch The Boondock Saints. It's been too long, and I'm suddenly in the mood.

Carry on.


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