Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walking Dead - A Little of the Expected and a Little Relief


FINALLY! I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one to sigh in major relief when Daryl finally discovered Carol holed up in some random room. Obviously, the writers of the show did a great job getting the hype going by completely avoiding the issue of where Carol was or what happened to her, but REALLY? If we didn't get answers in the last episode, I was totally ready to quit watching (okay I'm a big liar). The moment was first a little awkward when Daryl didn't smile, only seemed to check to make sure she was actually alive, but then scooped her into his arms and we swooned all over again. I know a ton of people are totally against the two of them hooking up, especially when they look like they could be long-lost twins, but I think they would be good for each other and would love to see it. Since Daryl isn't a character in the original comics, his future is totally up in the air!
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We saw a great chase take place between Michonne and Merle that ended in one of the nastiest zombie kills of all time when Michonne took a bath in intestines. Then we see Merle show his true colors and shoot a kid who did nothing more than piss him off. And the "thing" with Andrea and The Governor of Crazy Town? Totally expected. We all know Andrea has a thing for wackos. I'm just waiting to see how she reacts when she finds her zombie step-daughter locked in the closet.

And Glenn! What were you thinking by giving Merle a chance? Did you not remember your gang handcuffed him to a pipe and locked him on a roof? Everyone knows you shoot the redneck and ask questions later. Bad call. From the looks of next week's previews, things for Glenn and Maggie don't look good. At all. It's going to be heartbreaking. My hope is that Daryl shows up to go all Boondock Saints on his brother's ass.

Also as expected, we realized just how much the Rickster is losing his shit. I was so confused by the random "phone calls" he kept getting, even though I heard it was going to be Lori calling him. Next thing we know, he randomly showed up all clean and decided to finally hold his baby. In all honesty, I've grown fond of the Sheriff and seeing him go completely crazy makes me sad. Hopefully he can pull himself together for the two already majorly messed up kids counting on him (although Daryl is proving himself to be an amazing parental figure in just two episodes, so I'm sure he could step in at a moment's notice).

I hear there are still big things coming this season, including more shocking deaths. I just hope it doesn't involve Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl or Carol. They're the only ones I actually give a damn about in this apocalypse anymore.


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