Monday, October 1, 2012

Dexter Season 7 Premiere Recap

WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven't seen last season yet, don't read ahead. If you haven't watched any season of Dexter, you seriously need to catch up.

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I am a super fan of Dexter and couldn't wait for the new season, especially after the epic, holy-crap finale of last season! Not only did we find out Deb in love with her step-brother (ewww), but she caught him at his creepiest moment!

The premiere was every bit as awesome as we hoped it would be. Dexter's recovery with Deb was amusing and, well, so Dexter. Who else can lie on their feet the way he can? His excuse was almost total rubbish, however, especially with Deb being the amazing Lieutenant  she supposedly is (despite the f-bombs she is always dropping). Sorry, but if that were me, the first thing I would have done is take baby Harry away from him. Then there was the story about the murdered detective. I thought it seemed a bit rushed and sloppy. It was so convenient how the crime-scene crew forgot to dust the blinker and how quickly Dexter was able to find the murder this time. Plus I'm not so sure killing someone in the middle of an airport is very believable, especially with the crazy security going on in those places.

From the quick season preview they gave us, we know Deb won't let her discovery rest. And what normal person would? What was with the creepy Dexter made to her while she's soaking in the tub about being "his?" Will he ask her to be his partner in murder? Will she agree to look past the fact that her step-brother is a crazy serial killer? Will he agree to sleep with her (double ewww) to get her to shut up? Or will he just decide it's time to get rid of Deb because she may be even more messed up than he is?

Few television shows out there have stepped up the bar the way Dexter has. It is hard to believe it has already been on the air for seven seasons! I hope it keep going strong. It's one of those twisted shows we love because Dexter himself is so twisted while charming at the same time.

What do you think will happen between Deb & Dexter this season?


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  1. I think his sister/lover will be killed off she knows to much and I doubt she'll go to the dark side. Besides I think it must be hard to work with your ex. I hope they don't get rid of her because I do like her but not as much I liked the woman that played his first wife. I hated when they killed her off.