Friday, October 5, 2012

9 Days Until The Walking Dead Premiere!


"Darryl" watches the barn burn (via AMC)

Obviously, I love this show. After re-watching the Season 2 finale in preparation for next Sunday, I felt it was necessary to do a more thorough recap. I have heard a lot of complaints that last season got slow at times and there weren't enough zombies. I think everyone needs to keep in mind that the point of a zombie story is to really focus on the way people interact with each other in a time of crisis. The writing and acting on this show is nothing short of amazing.

Last time we saw the gang, Shane turned and Carl shot him just as a hoard of walkers came to the farm. Meanwhile Lori is still wondering why Carl is not in the house (get a clue, woman) and everyone runs away. Rick and Carl burn the barn down for a great special effect. The episode felt shorter than most as you're trying to figure out what happens to each of our beloved characters as they are separated in the dark and go different ways. The first time I saw this I thought Carol had been killed off until Darryl showed up to save her (we all know there is romance coming between the two, and I really hope it takes shape in Season 3). TWICE they made us fear that Andrea was going to die. There were so many "awww" moments, like when Glen told Maggie he loved her, or when the gang all reunited on the highway. Then there were the "oh boy" moments when Rick told them they were all infected and started yelling at them to go on their own way while swinging his gun around. Plus Lori is upset with Rick for killing Shane (her possible baby-daddy) and Carl is crying because his daddy went cray-cray. They are collectively losing their...err...stuff.

This was hands down my favorite episode of The Walking Dead to date. We all know this next season is filled with a kick-ass woman with two pet zombies, a prison, and some crazy guy who has elected himself the governor of...something. The question is: how will the gang survive all of this if they are going crazy and can't get along with each other?

I also had to share this HILARIOUS video I came across: What's More Horrifying than a Walker? For anyone who doesn't know, Dish Network decided to drop AMC and customers who are fans of the show are freaking out. I am just so thankful that we happen to have DIRECTV right now, or I wouldn't find this at all amusing.

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