Friday, January 11, 2013

New Music Discovery

Maria and I know music makes the world go around and sometimes it can even make our imaginations go wild with new story ideas. In the past couple of weeks, I've come across a few tunes that may not be new to everyone else, but are brand-spanking new to me (remember I live in BFE - it takes longer for stuff to come around this way), and I can't get enough of them. When I write, I listen to a playlist of 20-some songs on repeat and these gems have been added. Click on the orange buttons to have a listen:

1. Common People by Pulp. I couldn't find the original version on SoundCloud, so you'll have to listen to this cover or listen to the original on YouTube. This song has such a retro vibe to it. Totally reminds me of David Bowie. The funky beat inspires me to write a really happy scene...maybe even a happy ending.

2. Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation. When I first heard this on The Vampire Diaries, I was all, "What is this magical noise?" The tune is so haunting and sexy. Part of it may have to do with Ian Sommerhalder being in the scene when the song was played. Regardless, it makes my main character feel pretty groovy.

3. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Everyone has probably heard this one on Project X. I prefer the original song, but couldn't find it on SoundCloud, so I give you the techno mix. There's something about the mix of the heavy guitars with the female voices that really get to me, making me want to write something mysterious. Maybe it's just because I'm on this major alternative kick lately. Or maybe it's the super creepy cover.

 4. Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon. This one is so upbeat and makes me want to dance. Good thing this is not a vlog, because I promise you wouldn't want to see my "moves". But it also makes for a great party scene where everyone gets crazy.

 5. Come Home by CHAPPO. Another upbeat tune that makes everyone in my story want to go out and do something epic.


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