Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls: Season 2 Premier Recap

 **Warning Spoiler Alert** If you haven't watched the first episode yet then stop reading, or if you're like me and like to know what happens before you watch then go ahead and read.

I had no idea that The Golden Globes were on last night, mostly because all I cared about was that Season two of Girls was airing on HBO. I has happy to find out this morning that Girls won best comedy show and Lena Dunham won best actress in a comedy show. I knew I loved this show for a reason.

The first episode in season two of Girls did not disappoint last night. It began with Hannah in bed with her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah, which I found important to show the viewer, he not only her new roommate but he is also taking the place of her old roommate and best-friend Marnie. Throughout the show Hannah and Elijah kept telling each other that they are the "best roommate ever," which to me means trouble is just around the corner.

We also learned Hannah has moved on from Adam and is now sleeping with Sandy (Donald Glover), while he chases her around a book store with a "boner." I'm digging Sandy, but he might be too normal for Hannah. She's already given him a list of things he can't do, one of them being saying the word love, even in a joke. She says this is her way of protecting herself from the "dementos and slugs and weirdos." We all know the weirdos are what she's into and helps make the show (a.k.a Adam.)

Speaking of Adam, he's back still recovering from being hit by a bus. He's using a guilt trip on Hannah to keep her around. Every time she comes close to telling him it's over he begins to remind her it's her fault he's in so much pain. When Hannah finally does get to tell him, he refuses to except it and reminds her how much she chased him in the past. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of shirtless Adam. And please Girls keep him without a shirt on, there's just something about his strange body that amuses me.

Okay and now for the rest of the girls: Marnie seems to be as lost as ever. I loved how she goes out to lunch with her boss, who is so self involved she forgets to tell Marnie she's was going to fire her over lunch. It's something I would do. Good thing I'm nobody's boss. We also get to meet Marnie's mother (Rita Wilson), who comments on how old Marnie looks. I was shocked to see her mother is actually cool and not so tightly wound up like Marnie. It's also amusing how one of the best looking character on the show gets reminded how bad and old she's looking.

Most of the episode took place in Hannah and Elijah's apartment as they host their first party. It quickly becomes apparent that Shoshanna will be stealing every scenes again. She arrives in her cute little hat and announce she's okay with seeing Ray. Best line in show, "I may be deflowered but I'm not devalued." It doesn't matter what is happening on the show every time Shoshanna is on the screen you can't help but smile. She really is the best character out there. I need a friend like her in my life.

Shoshanna gets to tell Ray how she feels about him dropping her after they had sex. Ray quickly explains it was because of her texts, which contained way too many Emojis. I have the same issue. I swear there is people out there that make up something to say just so they can use different Emojis. Anyway, Ray basically tells her he likes her and misses her then grabs her and kisses her as he spills his beer. I'm sorry but it's not right to spill beer unless it's for your homies.

We also get to see Charlie with his new girlfriend at the party. I did wonder why he was there I never thought of him and Hannah as friends. We quickly get to see how he's suffocating his new girlfriend the same way he suffocated Marnie, as he waits outside the bathroom for her to go. I felt embarrassed for him since it all happened in front of his Marnie. She also gets to witness him being dumped, which again was uncomfortable for me to watch. I hate seeing people embarrass them self.

I will admit it was a treat to hear Marnie sing, and I have to say she has a great voice. She and Elijah begin to talk about the people in their lives. Elijah starts to question that he might be bisexual  and before you know it they begin to have sex, which was so awkward to watch. Elijah does have trouble getting hard, which proves he's more gay than bisexual. Marnie tells him he really doesn't have to try to be something he's not. He responds "neither do you." Hopefully this means Marnie will stop trying to be so uptight. She ends up going to Charlie's apartment to sleep next him. These two are destined to get back together and live a boring life.

The show ends with Hannah going to see Sandy, where she of course removes her dress. That woman loves to be naked, and I personally applauded her for showing what most woman really look like. This show proves you don't have to have a bunch of beautiful people in it to be a hit. You just have to have a good writer. Thank you Lena Dunham (Golden Globe winner) for creating such an amazing show.
This is going to be a great season!


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