Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 Love Triangles According to Me

In honor of my new book Letting Go I decided to list the top 10 love triangles in movies and TV shows according to me. Letting Go is the sequel to my first book Hold on Tight. In it Emma is trying to decide between the golden boy Court and the bad boy Nash. A love triangle always makes a love story more interesting. Who wouldn't want two amazing people wanting them? Here are my top ten favorite love triangles. See if your favorite made the list.


                                             (Noel)                                                     (Ben)

Before there was Team Edward and Team Jacob there was Team Noel and Team Ben. Felicity ended season 1 without telling the viewers who she picked to spend her summer with. People went crazy with their opinions. I was totally a Team Noel girl. To this day I wish she would have picked Noel. Sure Ben was hot, but he was a total jerk, and only seemed to want Felicity when she didn't want him.

Friday Night Lights

                                         (Jason Street)                                              (Tim Riggins)

I'm not sure this was a love triangle and not more of Lyla cheating on newly crippled boyfriend Jason Street with his best friend Tim Riggins. I know that cheating on your boyfriend is bad no matter what the circumstances are, but this was Tim Riggins she was doing it with. I'm sorry but I will always chose number 33 (Tim's football jersey number) anytime. In the end Lyla didn't stay with either one.

Gilmore Girls

                                         (Dean)                                                          (Jess)

Yes, even a wholesome show like Gilmore Girls had a love triangle. Actually it had a few but my favorite was the one between Dean and Jess. Rory was happily dating the hard working Dean, and then along comes the bad boy Jess and turns Rory's world upside down. I was a big Dean supporter. He was not only a hard worker and completely romantic, he was also hot. But at the end Rory picked Jess. Can we all say big mistake. By the time Gilmore Girls ended neither Dean or Jess were in her life.

My Best Friend's Wedding

                                           (Jules)                                                      (Kimmy)

This is the only love triangle that's between two women on my list. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of those movies I wish I could change the ending to. I did not want Michael to pick Kimmy. She reminded me of all the girls I couldn't stand in high school and got everything they wanted. I wanted him to pick his best friend Jules . Besides they had more chemistry on screen anyway.

Dawson's Creek

                                          (Dawson)                                                     (Pacey)

This is actually the show that inspired my book Hold on Tight. Joey was in love with Dawson and hated Pacey, but then in season 3 everything changed and Joey actually began to fall in love with Pacey. As a viewer I was already in love with Pacey, and never understood what she saw in dull Dawson. Joey's relationship with Pacey only lasted for one season but the beautiful writers had her end up with him in the series finale. Thanks to Netflix I have been watching this show all over again. 

Pretty in Pink

                                          (Blane)                                                     (Duckie)

This is the first love triangle that ever played with my heart. Blane was so hot, while Duckie was so cute. When I was a kid I love that Molly Ringwald's character picked Blane, but as I got older I began to realize I so more prefer Duckie. He liked Molly no matter who she was and didn't let anyone determine who he should take to the prom. I recently learned that in the original script she was supposed to pick Duckie, but the beta audience did not like that choice. I will forever be a Duckie girl.

The Notebook

                               (Noah)                                                                (Lon)

Okay in the Notebook everyone wants for Allie to pick Noah over Lon, but I have to admit a small part of me felt bad for Lon. He would be a good catch if the other guy was not Ryan Gosling. No matter who the other guy is my heart 100% belongs to Ryan Gosling, now please don't tell my husband.

Sweet Home Alabama

                                              (Jake)                                                 (Andrew)

My idea of not making one guy better than the other in my book Hold on Tight actually came from this movie. I love that both guys are a great choice and neither one becomes a jerk so the audience will chose one over the other. I do however think that Reece picked the perfect guy. He's hot, sexy, with a very cute southern accent. Who could ask for anything more?

Hart of Dixie

                                              (George)                                                 (Wade)

This recently has become my favorite show. I swear I can watch a marathon of this show almost everyday. I think it has to do with Wilson Bethel, who plays Wade. In this show Zoe Hart is in a love triangle with the respectable lawyer George and the bad boy Wade. Can you guess who I'm rooting for? As of now Zoe has chosen Wade (YAY!!!) But this show is only it's second season and anything can change. I'm hoping she stays with Wade.

The Twilight Saga

                            (Edward)                                                             (Jacob)

Team Edward or Team Jacob has become the question in the last couple of years. It doesn't matter who Bella picked what matters is who you pick. I'm personally Team Edward because I do not like hairy guys. The truth is they are both hot, but I like my men with a beating heart and don't grow claws when they get angry. Bella picks Edward, I pick anyone else that won't cause me to die for them.

These were my top ten love triangles which one is your favorite?



  1. She should've picked Duckie. Couldn't agree more. How could she turn down a guy who wore Creepers?

  2. My favorite was Felicity (I even have all the DVDs). I was hot for Ben when it first aired, but she totally should have gone for Noel. He was much nicer. And don't forget that Ben cheated on her. I would have kicked his butt to the curb after that. As for Twilight, I was all about Edward in the book, but liked Jacob better in the movie!